Lucy Anne Watkins

Lucy Anne Watkins is an independent Director, Writer and Animator, born and bred in Cardiff and now based in Brixton, London.

Her work encompasses short films and music videos, using the mixed medias of live action, animation, illustration and photography. She creates high quality, imaginative work, often within a tight budget.

She graduated from University of Wales, Newport in 2007, after studying Film and Video, and making a plethora of short films and documentaries. She has since worked as a runner and production assistant for various London production companies, including Park Village, Great Guns, and Dab Hand Media. She has also worked as an animation assistant at Hotspur and Argyle, on commercials for Google and Adidas.

She is currently developing the illustrative animation style used in Loner, and will incorporate it into a short film that will be produced later this year. She is also working on a short animation, and two short film screenplays. You can see her previous work on her website here: