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Pascal Ancel Bartholdi,also known as “the Anonymous Bystander” within the emergent Invisible XartX Magazine, was born in Paris, more precisely in the 6th arrondissement, home of the left bank thinkers and artists of the nineteen fifties/sixties to which Pascal returns incessantly, in actuality as much as in his work. Having failed the entrance exams to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts a la Cezanne, he crossed the channel over to Great Britain to start from scratch. After a multitude of jobs, he enrolled at Saint Martins and later at the London College of Communication, completing a fine Art BA in the former, and a Photography Masters in the latter. His passion for Medieval, gothic and Renaissance art in particular have led him to travel throughout Italy and his country of origin, integrating the physical experience of ancient art into his own . His journeys inevitably led him to his own revelatory ancestry triggering an interest in genetics and genealogy, both incorporated in distinct projects such as Fossils of a Kind. Having abandoned painting, finding in it an escape from reality, photography enabled him to ground himself in the actual. His work progressively began to encompass the two ends of this spectrum, allying the imaginary to the senses, mythology to private encounters, history and science to poetry. He continues to research his field through text and image making while having shows in the metropolis. Pascal has also curated an exhibition: Edge of Extinction and has recently begun several collaborative projects including “Twitterview”, a ‘trivial’ comedy interview turning the art talk on its head.
His increasing passion for multi media has also resulted in a number of time based projects in digital format, most importantly Daemon Antarctica through the Eye Glass.
In addition, Pascal writes reviews, essays, and stories some of which feature on his web site and blogs. He oscillates between London and Paris.