The Future
  • Cre8 Life Style Centre, 80 Eastway, London E9 5JH
  • 6:00pm - 08:00pm, Monday 24th June

FREE. Booking essential. 

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Do you question why the working world and the media are full of people that aren’t like you?
Do you want change? Well, we’re putting the equal back into back into opportunities!

The diversity movement has stalled and we’re no longer progressing towards fairness for all. Kick-starting the debate around diversity in the work force and the representation of diverse communities in the media is important if everyone is to get a fair chance in life, work, the future.

Cre8 The Future ‘Youth Sessions’ is the Q&A of vox pops, connecting young people with the people that matter. This is your chance to discuss the importance of diverse thinking, diverse minds, and the value of difference to the economy, society and global success.
The inaugural ‘Youth Sessions’ will address why people discriminate?
Why the media and advertising continues to create and encourage stereotypes?
How do we address bias?
Why diversity is important in modern Britain and what diversity actually means in 2013.

We want you to get involved.

The Cre8 Question Time panel

Chair – Leroy Logan
Dwayne Fields
Kevin Maxwell
Paul Blake
Ameena McConnell
John Herbert
Jeanette Arnold OBE AM
Maisie Collin


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