• Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park giant screen
  • 2013-07-27

The Lab Film Festival are proud to present a fantastic collaboration, screening films with The Barbican Arts Centre on the giant outdoor screen at Open East Festival in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, 6-9pm on Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July.

The park will be hosting a festival of music, artists, performers, family activities and food, while the stadium hosts athletics!. The screen, next to the North Bridge and Art Car Boot Fair, will be showing selections of short films including works presented by The Lab Film Festival from 6-9 pm each day of the festival!

Come along to the festival, then join the friends of The Lab Film Festival and some of our film-makers in front of the screen! Tweet us to let us know when you are there!!!


The Open East Festival Screen
A selection of inspiring, poetic, atmospheric and exciting short films made predominately by young people who live in the Olympic Host Boroughs.

Starring free-runners, poets, ex-offenders, primary school children, and musicians, to name a few; these films explore their local environment, and their personal stories using live action, time-lapse, abstract, and observational techniques along-with a mixture of silhouette, pixilation, clay & cut-out animation.

The overall programme represents the diversity and talent of the Olympic Host boroughs, celebrating the creativity, work and voices of young people, and East London life.

Running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Certificate: U & PG

Saturday 27 July and Sunday 28 July 2013
[The film programme will be repeated throughout the evening on both days]

At the Bus Station

What I See [U] 15 minutes
A slice of life, short observational films, highlighting life in East London

Notes from Fish Island [U]
An atmospheric view of the environment and activity of Fish Island area, next to the Olympic Stadium.
UK/Dir. Sam Scott Hunter/1.40

Gascoyne Film Club films
These shorts were made predominately by young people in Hackney on the Gascoyne Estate in Hackney Wick, during a series of workshops by the Film Club in collaboration with The Lab Film Festival, made by exploring the local environment and developing a personal story.
Fright [U]
UK/ 2013 / Dir. Olabisi Wiliams/ The Gascoyne Film Club/ 00:53
My Tree [U]
UK /2013 / Dir. Dale Jonson/Gascoyne Film Club/01:54
Our Special Place [U]
UK/2013 / Dir. Emmie Brock and Ellie Blount/Gascoyne Film Club/00:49
Local Park [U]
UK/2013 /Dir. Jemima Williams/ Gascoyne Film Club /00:56
Life Bus Stop [U]
UK /2013 / Dir. John Williams/Gascoyne Film Club/ 01:39

The Walk to School [U] The Walk to School is a stop motion animation about the different routes that some students take to school and what they experience on the way.
UK/2012/Chocolate Films/4 min 15 sec

Titles have been taken from At the Bus Station A short film which explores the notion of ‘waiting all day’ for the bus explored in a 24-hour time-lapse sequence compressed to less than 5 minutes.
UK /2012 /Dir. Sarah Peace /4 min 23 sec
The Walk To School

Monsters & Machines [U] [30 minutes]
International animations made mainly by primary school children exploring history, fairytale and imagination. A mixture of silhouette, pixilation, clay & cut-out animation.

Dheeg Dheer [U]
PopUp Fusion Project with Grafton Primary School
Lab Film Festival Award Winner: Best Youth Film 2013
In assoc. with Chocolate Films, Little Angel Theatre, House of Illustration /03:05

Granny’s Monsters Machines [U]
PopUp Fusion Project with St. George The Martyr Primary School
Lab Film Festival Runner up: Best Youth Film 2013
In assoc. with Chocolate Films, Little Angel Theatre, House of Illustration / 04:30

Where The Wild Things Are [U]
Northwold Primary School, Hackney. Silhouette animation created by year 4 class
2011/ Workshop led by Reza Ben Gajra / 3.48

Bruce Lee, Harry Houdini & Florence Nightingale- Enter The Box! [U]
Clara Grant Primary School, Tower Hamlets. Cut-out & silhouette animation created by year 4
2012 /Workshop led by Reza Ben Gajra / 4.31

Tania & Arif’s Adventure To The Past [U]
Clara Grant Primary School, Tower Hamlets.
Clay & cut-out animation about two children who time-travel to the past.
Created by year 4 children/ Workshop led by Reza Ben Gajra /2012 / 4.40

The Body [U]
The Clara Grant Primary School
Pixilation animation created by 60 pupils from year 5
2013/ Workshop led by Reza Ben Gajra /4.46

Mekanisher [U]
A cross between stop-frame animation and live action, exploring how the belief in monsters can make them real and the only way of getting rid of them is to confront them.Lab Film Festival Award Runner up, Best Animation 2013
Dir. Dan Moss/ 2013 03:34

Stories from Olympic Host Boroughs

Voices of Our Future [PG] 30 minutes
Short films made by older young people, expressing themselves in poetic, positive voices, telling us about their lives, their hopes, their dreams.

Home Truths (U) Home Truths compares four men; what they eat, what they drink and what they do in the morning as part their daily routine. But just how different can four people who live so close by each other be?
UK /2012 /Chocolate Films/ New Horizons/2 min 54 sec

I’m Different (U)
This short film is made by young people from Havering. Amongst the people in the film there are a variety of personalities, and each has a trait, which makes them different.
UK/ 2012 /Cassius Rayner / Commissioned by Havering Council /3 min19 sec

Change (PG)
This black and white short film is about young people expressing things they would like to change about world.
UK /2012 / Cassius Rayner / Commissioned by Hackney Vision / 3 min 22 sec

If [U]
A group of ex-offenders, who have turned their lives around, performing Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’. The film was made by young men of Nottingham, yet it resonates to all young men in UK cities today.
UK/ Cassius Rayner/ Commissioned by Media Trust / 3 min 18

Moving Statue [U]
Using a quote by Diana Ross as a starting point, this young filmmaker depicts himself as iconic sculptures such as the ‘Angel of the North’ and ‘The Thinker’ to create a beautiful and inspiring 1 minute film.
UK / 2011 / Dir. Ifthekar Ahmed / Commissioned by A New Direction/Eelyn Lee Productions
Half Remembered Dream [PG]
This powerful film poem features extracts from three poems by the Barbican Young Poets exploring the notion of dreams.
UK / 2012 / Barbican Young Filmmakers / 1min 39sec / Eelyn Lee Productions

Waiting in the Small Hours [PG]
An evocative and moving short film based on a poem by Katie Hale from the Barbican Young Poets exploring the notion of insomnia.
UK / 2012/ Barbican Young Filmmakers / 2min 21sec / Eelyn Lee Productions

Stories from Olympic Host Boroughs [PG]
Six one minute film portraits by young filmmakers about other inspiring young people who either live or work in the Olympic Host Boroughs. They feature a musician, a fashion designer, a filmmaker, two poets and a freerunner:
• JARETH FT. HACKNEY / Dir. Marie-Solange Ndeley
• NAVIGATING HOME – Voices of Newham / Dir. Fauve Bickerstaffe & Shajna Begum
• PASSION FOR FASHION – In Tower Hamlets / Dir.Sandy Abdelrahman & Shajna Begum
• NIJ AND KASH – A Waltham Forest Story / Dir. Muzzammil Hashmi
• ANDREW’S CORNER – Poetry in Barking & Dagenham / Dir. Shajna Begum
• POSTCARDS FROM GREENWICH / Dir. Sandy Abdelrahman
UK / 2012 / 7 mins / Commissioned by A New Direction / Eelyn Lee Productions

Cross & Cave
The LLDC have commissioned a group of local young filmmakers to document the making of a piece of public art especially designed for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The artwork by Heather and Ivan Morison, will be open to the public during the Open East Festival and the film will be completed mid August.
UK / 2013 / 1 min 24 sec / Dir. Muzzammil Hashmi
Eelyn Lee Productions – A New Direction

This film programme was curated by The Barbican Cinema and Creative Learning Teams with support from :- The Lab Film Festival, Mother Studios, Chocolate Films, Eelyn Lee Productions, GoFilm, Reza Ben Gajra, Framed Film Festival, Create, Ollie Mockford & Emma Passmore.
More about the contributors of these films

The Barbican opportunities for young people
The Barbican Cinema
The British Library
Chocolate Films
First Light
Reza Ben Gajra
Hackney Vision
House of Illustration
Sam Hunter
The Lab Film Festival
Little Angel Theatre
Eelyn Lee Productions
The Media Trust
Dan Moss
Mother Studios
A New Direction
New Horizons Youth Centre
Sarah Peace
Pop Up
Cassius Rayner

We welcome everyone who can to pop in and say hello! Congratulations to the wonderful film-makers from the Lab!

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