Hackney Wicked
  • Mother Studios Project Space
  • Friday 16th to Sunday 18th August

The wonderful and wacky Hackney Wicked Festival returns for 2013! The Lab Film Festival are proud to present a short film showreel in a comfy cinema space at the centre of the festival.

Running on Fri 16th Aug 6-9pm; Sat 17th and Sun 18th Aug 12-6pm, the Lab Film Festival will be presenting a showreel of Art Film, Youth Film, Drama, Documentary and Experimental works in the Mother Studios Project Space.

Come and pop in any time to see some of the award-winning and popular works of the year so far, alongside special features! Film-makers will be popping in to discuss current and future projects, while the audience relax and watch some of the best contemporary short film available.



  • Hackney Community College What Will you Do About It? by Mohammed Riad Ahmed & Dushane Brown 1.32
  • HCC Maybe in a Few Years by Hilal Onal and Sarah Masterson 1.26
  • Olabisi Williams, Gascoyne Film Club Fright 00:00:53
  • Dale Johnson, GFC My Tree 00:01:54
  • Emmie Brock and Ellie Blount, GFC Our Special Place 00:00:49
  • Highly Commended/Jemima Williams, GFC Local Park 00:00:56
  • John Williams, GFC Life Bus Stop 00:01:39
  • Greenlight Film Club Greenlight Documentary- 4.18
  • Winner/ Dheeg Dheer by PopUp Fusion Project with Grafton Primary School 3.05
  • Runner Up/ Granny’s Monster Machines by PopUp Fusion Project with St. George The Martyr Primary School 4.30


  • Premiere Paul Barritt White Morn 12:36
  • Runner Up/ Dan Moss Mekanisher 00:03:34

Artists Narrative

  • Erica Scourti Artists Fear 09:33
  • Highly/ Commended Helena Kazan Masking Tape 05.00
  • Runner Up/ Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad and Pratik Sagar Heartland 00:09:18
  • Winner/ Arnaud Mansat Henri: Magic of Real 00:13:31


  • Alexandra Boyd Wilderness 06:00
  • Verity Keefe Printed(ed) Matters 10.33
  • Highly Commened Anton Katz Radio Dello 00:12:52
  • Runner Up/Melissa Fielding & Florence Creffield The Falls 00:06:53

Lab Film Festival 2013 Winners

  • Highly Commended/ Felipe Palma Irarrazaval Ayquina 00:45:39
  • Runner Up/ Seeta Patel The Art of Defining Me 00:15:00
  • WINNER/ Cyrus Trafford I’m Christian Okili 00:06:00

Visit this link for more details and to share the event: http://www.facebook.com/events/429417530506577/

Much more information about all the events at the festival is available at www.HackneyWicked.co.uk