• Imogen Pring
  • Experimental
  • 1:33 min

This is a film that explores the different processes of film-making. When making this film I used materials that I knew I could manipulate and experiment with by filming, processing and developing. It is a combination of oil, water, food colouring, foil and the occasional use of a kaleidoscope. By also filming at an angle, I feel that the shapes created with the oil and water is almost fish-like. It becomes hard to see what it is you are watching. If I had not cross-processed this film (using colour negative chemicals on colour reversal film) I do not think this film would have the same effect. After developing this film, I also altered it but only slightly, by scratching along the length of the film. This was to add a different texture to the film and to create a different movement along the edge of the film. This film is a lot shorter than my usual films, as I found myself cutting out multiple parts that I felt did not offer anything exciting. However, I feel that it is better kept short, as when I started Super 8 film-making I found that my films were too long and became uninteresting to watch. It is a film that intrigues the viewer, and becomes an experience to watch.