Bye Bye Mzungu
  • Dan Moss
  • Drama

The nearest translation for Mzungu means aimless wanderer, which I guess is a bit like calling someone a tourist. As a white man you hear it relentlessly as you walk around Kampala, in south America the nearest thing would be Gringo but there is no equivalent here in Britain. In fact looking at Uganda through the moral prism of western principals is like thinking you’ve been somewhere because you’ve read about it on the net.   And this film doesn’t set out to change your view points, It’s not an epic journey through Uganda’s history, there are no goodies or baddies just grey characters in a small story. A slice of the Ugandan night life.

This film provided it’s only unique set of challenges like trying to find an Hd camera for hire in a capital city, crossing the city in a tropical thunderstorm to convince Esther the lead actress that a gaffer tape bra would save her dignity and Rob who plays the lead being late to set because a cow had ripped his roof rack off his land rover on the way; as well as many others less amusing to recount.

Plans are afoot for a feature film- Bye Bye Mzungu, which will pursue the main themes although not involve the same characters.