• Imogen Pring
  • Experimental
  • 2:31 min

After making many Super 8 films, I began to do research of different things that I could make visually stimulating through the different methods of filming and processing. This led me to explore the use of basic science experiments to make films that are almost hallucinogenic. Viewers do not realize what they are looking at, and this was my aim – to challenge the viewer. When watching a film like Ferrofluid, it becomes an optical experience. Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid that can be influenced by neodymium magnets and having put the ferrofluid into water, the neodymium magnets allowed me to create and play with different shapes and movements. Although I filmed Ferrofluid in a relatively dark room, the use of solarisation brings out great flashes of colour and really enhances the movement of the ferrofluid. Creating films like these with Super 8 are challenging and exciting and are something I wish to explore further. Ferrofluid shows how my films are gradually becoming more abstract and more exciting for me, as a film-maker, to create. I want to continue to produce films that have no complication of a linguistic system and films that are both visually communicative and aesthetically pleasing.