Inside Out
  • Flaminia Graziadei
  • Drama
  • DVD PAL 0 16/9
  • 10:00 min

OUT is a successful business woman. She’s used to take responsibilities and to work under pressure. She’s the one everybody looks at for guidance and leadership. Not very many people though, know that Out has a secret: she suffers with panic attacks. They trigger off unexpectedly and violently, leaving her incapable of doing anything. One day something happens: INSIDE, her soul, appears like she’s peeling off OUT and starts wandering around the streets. OUT finally becomes aware that the only way to escape her condition is to stop fighting it and to accept it. She starts franticly to look for INSIDE and eventually she finds her, on a roof curled in a fetal position. But now OUT knows what to do: she takes INSIDE in her arms to re-embrace  that obscure and vulnerable part of herself.