• Imogen Pring
  • Experimental
  • 2:28 min

Before I started making Super 8 films I painted. I always tried to paint the body or the face but in a way that it would become unrecognisable. I still do this in my films. Kaleidoscope is a key example of this, as I filmed parts of the face so that they appear almost alien. The use of a kaleidoscope multiplies and bends parts of the body. Kaleidoscope is my first film that is completely unedited. It was the start of my films becoming more and more abstract. By filming through a kaleidoscope I begin to challenge the viewer’s perception of what they perceive to be reality. I filmed everyday surroundings and objects; I even filmed simple things such as lights and torches. By filming through a kaleidoscope these things became exciting. Storm de Hirsch was hugely influential for me with her film ‘Peyote Queen’ which features many psychedelic images that were created by the use of a kaleidoscope and split projection. It involved the different processes when creating a Super 8 film (filming, processing, altering/editing, projection, etc.) in order to produce a visually stimulating film. For me, light is key; so solarisation became a necessity for me because of the bright colours and textures I could imprint onto my film. My films began to grow into their own personalities, transforming into more aesthetically pleasing and abstract images.