Plato's Plates
  • Karin Gunnarsson
  • Artist's Narrative
  • 9:40 min

Plato’s Plates is a short artist’s film in black and white, that expresses a psychological journey from fragility to strength. The main character is a human figure trapped in a paper suit. There’s significance in the covering of the figure, the materials used and the ruptures in the suit. We join the character in debilitating mental stasis making sense of its surroundings. This is followed by a consumption of paper materials which leaves a residue of rudimentary bat shapes. We begin to uncover an intrinsic formal scenario and a play on archetypal and popular symbolism. As the pace in the film builds, we see a growth in character and a playful optimism comes to the forefront in a shadow play.

Plato’s Plates is a highly aesthetic film that seek alchemical resonances between different forms of language; symbolic, formal, structural, material, emotive and sensory. In the score for Plato’s Plates, recordings of paper materials and bats were mixed with simple rhythms and melodies to convey emotion and narrative. Sound and visuals collaborate to create a multidimensional singular, where the use of simple forms and theatrical references create crossroads between media. The sound and the silence; the black and the white which at times change places.